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Eventful couple of days...though nothing to spectacular.

St. Pattys day was just another day to me..and then i somehow caught a stuffy nose bug...been blowing my nose the past couple of days like a maniac

Yesterday (Sunday) i thought i was scheduled at i went in at find i was scheduled at i was working 3 extra hours , and was desperately needed because people called out and there was only like 2 other people in the store..then i got swamped with film, and they still expected me to ring up customers...soi i got backtracked

then they fucked with my schedule which im severely annoyed at...i normally have fridays and saturdays off, so this week the manager fucks up and makes me work friday and has me off today...i got annoyed cuz i was told when i moved to photo that i would work sun-thursday...i may have words with him tomorrow when i go to work

Johnny front...he imed me today all weird and saying is it me and then goes im supposed to be working today...why the fuck does he care *shrugs*

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