TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,


Well i uploaded 2 new icons, and one shall be my official OTH icon :p

where to start...

-I dyed my hair bleach blonde...shocked the hell out of everyone so far..and im gonna toy around with people tomorrow at work :p

- went out with ladydragonair, diggybear and feenie on Saturday...we had some veggie restaurant food, which was actually good to my surprise, and then we went to see Inside this movie was supposed to be something was hysterical...but the dumb movie came at a price...trailer for flight 93 movie...i swear i will not see it...ill probably sit in the theater crying my eyes out

- i should get the keys to the registers tomorrow...and my sister said i should also be getting a raise which is definitely great news

- plane ticket to london is booked YAY!!! May 16th to the 30th

- i got back at the schmucky asshole at work today...i went into the back and pulled out the totes he left in the aisle to be put out..he came upto me and asked what they were i was like oh thats the totes you left in the aisle on thursday that need to be packed out...he was like that wasnt my aisle...and i said, you were there, it shoulda been done when you left...he went to my manager and told him everything, and the manager said well go pack it out *grins*

- johnny...still being weird man

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