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my day

long boring day

- orderred my replacement mp3 player (gonna need it in 6 weeks anyway)

- went into work like 10 min early, and still havent gotten my keys for the registers

- was bogged down with so much pictures to develop

- useless coworker proved to be even less useful than before, couldnt even do one little thing i asked, and left the garbage all around the front

- had to close an hour early so i could do stock checks for the delivery on thursday (only got about half of it done)

- got locked int he store til 1045 cuz the fire department had to come and check the fire lights *rolls eyes* and i couldnt even be paid cuz i shoulda been out the door at 10 and not upstairs doing stock

- home to play sims for like 5 minutes and find some chick who stupidly got upset cuz of a teen woohoo package *slaps her*

- sparklediamant got me lots of fall out boy songs YAY!!!

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