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Hmmm...What to title it?

Well...where to start

I havent updated in a while

Firstly, I apologize to all of my LJ buddies...I have avoided the friends page for a while, forgive me? *begs* to the bitching LOL

Talked to Randy on Tuesday before i came back to school...he had the day off from job 1 but had to go to job 2 at nite...and he hasnt been online since then. He still seems interested in dating, but still no plans :\ what to do what to do??

I havent heard anything about the whole family events dates...A christening within the next 3 months...and a wedding next year...i wanna make those plans before I plan a vacation. I have to talk to the camp from last year...i wanna go back this summer. Mainly..i wanna go somewhere I havent been. pretty much I'm planning on goin to San fran for a week or 2, and doing New hampshire again for a weekend.

Other than that...nothing new on my end

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