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This weekend blew chunks, and i coulda gone to Maryland...but noooo, between my aunt being in town, and hobbles a lot (brother) i didnt get much me time

So its officially 8 days til London, and can i believe it?! NO FUCKING WAY!! 8 days, and OMG WESTLIFE *faints*

2 weeks in a gorgeous city that i love, and no work to worry about

Not only that, i found out today that the other weekend photo tech is going on vacation at the same time LMAO!! tough shit to CVS

*thinks* and jailbait is still hawt *giggles*

simply_fly_away, im there from the 16th to the 30th, so whenever you wanna get together is ok for me!

I so had more to say, but i soooo cant think of it anymore HAHA!

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