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Last nite they filmed the tour dvd, and i got amazing pictures from it (one i will post)...they put on such an amazing left me saying worth every fucking penny

went to the concert, whos opening acts suck...some icelandic whores who were too high pitched started, so we went to get souveniers...then we got back to see some boyband sing and attempt to dance...and well both of them decided to massacre Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics...then some american whore comes on stage and starts to sing off key...and then massacred I will always love you by whitney houston (please if this whore started singing eurythmics i was gonna hit someone back stage)...THEY SANG DONTCHA AND IT WAS GREAT!!!!...and then we went to the pub and had a drink...then to some take away place which didnt put my order through and it sucks and i refuse to go near that store again!! after that we bussed it here and stayed up all night looking at the pics i took and watched the tour dvds again!!!! i fell asleep at like 10 while we were waiting for one of trudyblue's friends to go were postponing it til tomorrow

then we fell asleep and woke up at like find trudy's friend had gotten sick and had 2 tickets for we went back to the concert again tonite (and skipped the opening acts) and the concert was starting late...Why you may ask....OMFG!! BRYAN SHOWED UP AT THE CONCERT!!!! i was literally going OMFG!!!, then the show went the same and some stupid bint screwed up 6 great photos i woulda had with a stupid foam finger...almost busted a cap in her ass ( but we still managed to get bout another 100 pics and i got a vid clip of Dontcha and trudyblue got audio clips of Dontcha and The song they debuted from their new album!!!!!!!! Which means next year my ass is going to be back here :D

CLick for bigger pic!

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