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Ok so now i get to update all about London..

I arrived at about 9 on the 16th and after i went through customs and got the 3rd degree, i was greeted by a very happy, grinny trudybluetwin.she didnt disappoint when she said shed be all smiles. it took about an hour to get to her place, especially with the 56lbs suitcase i was dragging along behind. I got to her house to meet her sister Ellie, Ellie's bf, and their houseguest (the fucking weirdest mormon ever). we set out to the garage for some chips and soda, and fags for mum and Ellie. We orderred Pizza for dinner, then i called mom...gave twin the phone to give the #s and Mom said is twin sure they want a psycho like me LOL. pizza came at like 12 and then mum came home..we shared pizza and they were asking me questions and big, then we played super mario world til like 8am LOL

the 17th was a dull day, i woke up at like 2...and we decided it would be a chill day. we put on red eye and were watching, well..i passed out somewhere near the middle and woke up somewhere near the end of the movie LOL..then she asked what i wanted to do...and then twin pulled out westlife DVDs....can you imagine my reaction...yes i think i squeed a bit much. she put on the turnaround DVD and kept playing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (a cover they did during the concert) [DAMN YOU TWIN!!!] and we watched all of them...then she pulled out her photo albums (Twin, you better find those negatives)...we got in westlife mode for Thursday!!!

I filled you in about the concert i can skip that, but its where i took my icon pic!!!!

We wound up going out to shop. Well i spent 130 pounds in the store...i bought a box westlife set (with their first tour as part of it), the turnaround DVD, the No. 1 DVD, Brian Mcfadden's DVD, like 2 or 3 singles, and Allow Us To Be Frank...then we went to another store and i bought You'll get over it...a gay movie i had been wanting to see for a while...ya it was bad. We did a bit of window shopping, but that was it

Trudy had to work the afternoon, so i first had to walk stuff to her...but ya, i wound up getting lost miserably...wound up getting to her job at like 3 when she hod to be there at 2...then i went and cleaned up her living room, and sorted out cds..did a good job..came back and somehow got talked into getting a makeover, then dragged twin in...if you havent seen the pics, check my myspace

we did more shopping and i bought of movies to watch..Summer storm, Slutty Summer, everyone and edge of seventeen, matt willis from Busted's single and son of dork's single, i got a pair of cute jeans and a nice vest for 32 pounds...then we went to Bear factory (which is being bought by Build a bear)..and i had twin make her birthday gift...we get home and i call the card company and they froze it cuz i didnt tell them i was going to London *shakes head*

I went to meet up with x2k and i have to say i was anticipating it...we were supposed to go to London dungeons, but Twin had driving lessons, so we wound up going to the trocodero and doing fun stuff...i was bowling like a sad excuse for a person, and Paul put me to shame LOL...then we did the dance dance machine...i was horrible LOL im surprised the machine didnt throw me from it...then we hit a few bars and shops along the soho region (gay district) then had dinner at covent garden, and back to soho to the GAY bar (which is different than the club) we bid paul a fond farewell...though i tried to get him to take another day off to hang with me.

the 24-th to the 26th i dont remember quite what we did, except shopping, and some sucky ass club with some of twins coworkers LOL

was a cloudy rainy day, so what better day to take a walking tour of London and take the touristy pics...we had to meet simply_fly_away at 6 so we had time...we bussed to Big Ben and the Abbey...then tubed to Kensington Palace to see the Diana memorial...which i am highly disappointed in, after the like 2 hours we spent on the gardens...then we tubed to the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge..and got a few pictures there...then off to meet simply_fly_away (Charlie)..we got there about 20 min late thanks to stupid tube shuts and whatnot...didnt recognize her at first, but found her with a bunch of her friends and we went to KFC and just sat around and talked for like 2 hours...then she had to leave (I got a pic with her :D).

then sunday nite we were suppoised to go to GAY club and we got there about 11..and waited on line for about 3 hours (which was nuts)...i dressed on the slutty side and was freezing...some french guy was rude and Twin told him to basically shut it cuz we werent listening anymore...went back to the flat wit some food and were gonna drink, but wound up watching quiz shows (which is surprisingly bitchy)

Monday we sat around and did nutin but chill...and stayed up with Ellie watching Lee Baldry (*drools* hes a fucking stud) and i got pics of him doing a lewd pose on the TV

Tuesday we got up, did a bit of pokin around in the AM, thought about getting a tattoo but it was too much money for it...and then back to get my shit and off to the airport...was a pain in the ass to check BA bumped me up...which was not as nice as youd think...went to the bar and chilled for like an hour, and i got a bit buzzed off the strong screwdriver they gave me for twin...and then said goodbye :(

The plane ride was an adventure in itself...damn FUCKING skank next to me was an utter bitch and while i was sleeping she took the satellite phone we had and threw it into my elbow, which hurt like a bitch...i got even by spilling oj on her HAHA

i wanna go back now!!

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