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Let’s go let’s jump right in
Scream into the wind feel the fire within
I can’t ignore this burning in my soul
C’mon baby let’s go
We might fall fast we might fall hard
But I can’t take it I need to know
So come on baby go

Between today and tomorrow i think im gonna have a good time this week.

the week starts with me getting my last American Eagle check (wow it only took them 5 months to mail it)...i deposited it in the bank today YAY me

I had to get some cigarettes for mom cuz she asked me to look i called the CVS down the block from mine, and they had i went in and ran into Evan, the lab super there..and lets just say hes hawt. we are friends so i sat there and chatted some with him, and he is still trying to persuade me into transferring to his store LOL...i kept telling him that i needed to leave to get to work and he kept me there longer so i showed up at work half hour late

today was busy as fuck...i didnt even get to leave the photo lab today, and i had sooo much to do...but i left alot of it for my super who keeps bitching to me about stuff...sorry lady your the supervisor, not me. I had my coworker make phone calls to the customers today too

Tomorrow i have the day off, and KELLY is tomorrow nite *sighs* after tomorrow nite, the world can happliy come to an end =)

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