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I really need a social life..

I mean since the 18th i haven't done anything exciting. I've been to class and took a test (Joy)...the only eventful think that happened this weekend was yesterday (Sunday) I went to buy some mouthwash so I went to Randy's Rite Aid and we hung out for a bit and he kissed me. I hope he has the day off on Wed so we can hang out. Today I did nothing at all except talk to a whole bunch of people from FM (Famous Males)

If i really wanted to go hang out with some new people..i could spend some cash and meet up with a bunch of friends..but i haven't known them that long to actually go meet up with them

There is one guy in particular that i would love to meet up with...though he's been seeing someone for 3 yrs....he is just an all around great a perfect match for far away from my brother (England that is) so life would be great

I'll stop talking now...tomorrow sees nothing exciting off, Randy has corporate visitors at his store....i guess its a day to relax and work out :)

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