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been a while
Are you here for me at all?
Do you care for me at all?
Well this time now I know
I ain’t standing alone no more

Ya..so its been a while

Let's start with the big stuff. A) Lance is Gay. Im completely happy for him, and i laughed cuz its every guy i pick to like in the group comes out as gay.

Where ive been...well i had my nephew here, and as many of you know, hes a pain in the ass, hence not being around him

I am also taking part in a trading card game online (Natz, you know you wanna join *giggles*)

justygirl82 sent me some wonderful songs by westlife and well im just loving this song...if you wanna hear it, id happily upload it.

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What tcg are you in? I am still in a few but most of them aren't updated often.

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