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Its the male version of You Drive Me Crazy *giggles*

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that's Stephen Gatley right?

Oh god - I remember that!

*feels old*

*smacks paul*

You remember this, but you cant remember to text me at all

He's had the same hair cut since he was sixteen, the one time he decides to grow it long and... no.

I like the hat, it's quite random. I loved this video, but I have a shameless amount of love for crappy pop music and this is definitely that. (Well... that and it's Stephen and I fell in love with him when I was 11, he could be dancing around in a banana costume and I'd still be all "OHH! It's that cute?!" It's pathetic, it really is.)

OMG! do you have the banana thing on tape LOL

its weird, we (Nicky and I) were watching boyzone stuff, and i thought about stephen's solo career, the next morning Nicky sent me the link to his solo videos LOL

LOL That video is hilarious. Do you happen to have the mp3 for that song I actually like it and yes the video does remind me of Crazy.

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