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Here is a thoughtful question to put forward to everyone

What do you consider a soulmate?


I have been talkin to this amazing guy for the past two weeks...Hes intelligent, sweet, has a great personality, is cute, and we have sooo much in common. We get along soo well and its always brings a smile to my face whenever he sends me an Instant message. We flirt non-stop, share everything on our computers (he's in england), and talk deep into the night. He has already asked me to come and visit him, and I would love to, but he has a boyfriend and has been seeing him for 3 yrs. He had a rough situation before he got into the relationship (but that is another story). Anyway. Like we share this immanent connection and i think that if we ever did get together, we would have a great life. He is basically what I consider in my life to be a soulmate...soo much in common and doesn't give a shit what others think.


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