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i have now watched all the veronica mars upto date, including the premiere this week. and i have issues.


2) the complete second season was just so powerful...the ending of it was a COMPLETE SHOCK to me..i never woulda guess (and i didnt)

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readmywords October 10th, 2006
They took Duncan away because he wasn't a popular character. If you look at VM websites and communities most people said he was a terrible actor and they were so in LoVe (Logan/Veronica) that they didn't want VD (Veronica/Duncan). Sadly, I think the creator lets the fans write the plotlines.

kingmike1224 October 10th, 2006
BAH! i loved the Duncan character and i am really hoping to bring him back...he needs to be reunited with veronica

there_was_a_boy October 10th, 2006
Nobody liked Duncan, he was weird and bad acting, and Teddy Dunn wanted to go to law school or something like that. The fans wanted Veronica with Logan, so Duncan was written out.

mariaemmanuelle October 12th, 2006
Don't kill me for this, but I seriously never liked Duncan very much.

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