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1. Which Westlife boy would you eat?
o.0 why would i eat one of them??

2. If you can turn back the hands of time, who would you stop from joining Westlife?
Not one of them

3. What happened to you today that is Westlife's fault?
I got together with Freddy who i have turned into a westlife fan =)

4. You're alone in a dark alley. Someone creeps up to you, brandishing a cucumber that he thought is a knife. He wants that bag of tomatoes you just bought in the supermarket. You realise he is a Westlife boy, he is.....
Bryan. Sorry i just cant picture any of them except Bry doin this.

5. You sprained your ankle wearing that hot pair of heels you just bought. A Westlife boy rushes over. Who is he and what did he do?
Mark, hed be the only one to come over to a guy in heels.

6. You are Harry Potter and are valiantly resisting Voldemort's effort to retrieve your blood for his revival. However, he gets hold of a Westlife boy and threatens to kill him. Which Westlife boy will you bleed for?
Tough choice, Bry or Mark definitely for me...but id rather have Harry Potter bleed for me and have the 2 of them!

7. You are a Westlife boy. You love your gay stage outfits. In fact, you make them yourself, adding even more glittery polyester, lace, sequins and fur. Who are you?
Nicky hands down...the only one that actually looks good on stage in the clothes...Marks taste went downhill after coming out. :p

8. You are stranded and alone. In fact, you are LOST on this island. Suddenly, a Westlife boy comes up to you and started to sing this, while doing the conga, "I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it. We like to, MOVE IT!!!" You think, 'nifty dancesteps' and started to dance along. Who is he?
Hahaha, Bryan. Definitely Goofy Bryan.

9. You live with this Westlife boy, and he has this most annoying habit that despite his hotness, drives you all crazy and makes you want to ditch him and move out. Who is he and what is that habit?
That would be Mark, the fashion sense needs to improve if you live with me.

10. It's hard to make a perfect 10. Make up your own question and answer it.
Is BryMark real?
GOD I HOPE SO *drools at thought*

Tag-Time! If you make singing Frank Sinatra songs sound like liquid sex just like Shane tag 5 people. If you can reach that high F like Mark, tag 3. If you keep singing really bad solos on tour, your name is Nicky Byrne and you can only tag one person.

LOL I dont even know but there arent many people on my FL who know westlife...ill just tag trudyblue
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