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(no subject)
I'm just in a happy mood right now, i got some great music from Ashley Tisdale. I finally got my raise put into effect this week, which means my retro pay hit...i got a check for 40707 today and its quite nice to have a bit of money in the bank :) I was making a contest entry for the trading card game im in and i got inspired to just go back to my old ways of living my life as i see fit, not as anyone else wants me to live it.

i played sims for hours last nite and i was doing graphics work and now i got on some music i like...nothing else could be better right :)

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Who's that in your new icon? I can't tell, haha.

Its Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawuer on OTH)

It's Peyton?! *smacks self* How could I not see that? Rawr. I need glasses. I <3 herrrr.

its from like ep 9 of this season


you never called me back!!

i know, but i had lots of stuff to do for mom so i kinda lost my head

what are we doing this weekend

I will call you later

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