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This week's only real entry

Yup the subject line doesn't lie...I won't be updating for the rest of the week after this one

Uggh..This has been one of the slowest weeks ever...Monday and today it snowed though...I went for a walk in it and it felt nice :) It was sooo beautiful out.

Yesterday was my Aunt's birthday, so i called her and she was out by her pool in Florida...sunbathing in 85 degree weather...and here its close to freezing

Today..Lazy day...did absolutely nothing...played the sims for a bit...talked to the usual people

Thursday morning i get to go fight my speeding ticket...AGAIN! God these hicks need to get their lives straight!

YAY Thursday nite, I will be on a plane going to enjoy yet another beautiful city. Friday and Saturday I wall be touring...Friday night is a charity event for my much better can you get =D

The best part...I am going to meet up with my friends from Iowa (they are gonna be in Chicago too)!! I need some excitement in my life....So many places i wanna little time and cash to visit...

I soo need people to hang out with...i should move to a new city and start off a new life :\ My online friends are great, but i have none to hang out with and go out to bars without someone is like asking for trouble.

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