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Tired & long weeks

Well, one of the morning girls went to india for 2 and a half weeks because her mother is ill and may have passed on, so i covered for her the past week and a half (and this week will be again) and i swear i put in more effert to this job than ever...was doing like 8-12 hour days before i actually left. and it didnt fucking help that the ice storm hit and i couldn't do anything but be dumb enough to drive to work in it *rolls eyes* and what do i get for it, my hours fucked up. they gipped me 10 hours (5 being overtime hours) so when they do payroll this week, they have to put my normal 40, 15 prior (not paying 'overtime') and now this pay...i should have like a 400 buck check coming i hope.

other than that, i have been enjoying my life more than ever lately... between my pay and boppin new music, its just enjoyable...i even withstood wednesday being all alone (though i slept most of it that i didnt work)

and everyone should try my lyric game...theres still like 15 songs to guess

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