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This is how old some of the files are on my computer:

I found this conversation with trudyblue

me: OMG!!! That was a great song
trudy: this is a BIG file
me: lol i have the time if you do
trudy: yup
trudy: ya get to hear their accents!!
me: ;)
me: wow i like Brians song

Bry's single had just come out...

me: ill lock you in the closet with the scary toilet
trudy: [-(
me: :-P

i had come back from challenge for the children...in the hotel room we had, the toilet was super loud and you can get locked in the closet *giggle*

I can't wait til next month =)

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that damn cupboard had no light when it locked...and really why do the toilets make soooo much noise???

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