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My life lately

Well besides finally booking my plane ticket to London (March 21st YAY!!!111!!) things have been sucky

last year when the store manager came into my store he told me he wanted to put me as a supervisor, and promised the next available slot to me. well he demoted one of them, and then promoted someone else. When i asked him about it, he not only told me that he had put me in for yet another position in the photo lab *rolls eyes* but that i wasn't mature enough to run a store, even though he thinks i have the capability to do it. this kinda hit me below the belt, and everyone at work can tell i could give a rats ass there anymore. i dont do extras anymore, i punch out at my time, and wont work more than 8 hours a day, tough shit if he puts me on longer than that. the bitch he promoted, not only is a nasty piece of work, but couldn't even handle closing the photo lab (even though she is a tech as well) and i am really fed up with this bullshit. I wouldnt have cared if he had been honest saying that i work the photo lab more so they need someone to take over for me, or that she has senoirity (which is another case on its own) but to sit there and tell me im not mature enough, when everyone in the fucking store comes to me with questions is mondboggling. I give up on it!

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