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(no subject)
Ahhh i can;t wait, i will be in London soon and i will thoroughly be enjoying myself, concert one night, hanging with great friends there and nothing to bother me. Ive talked to trudy and told her everything that has been going on in my life (she was actually up for a phone chat) and she backs me all 100%. I love having friends like her and Ellie!!!

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I love having friends like her and Ellie!!!


And I am...........???????

LOL are included in the group

*hugs Feenie* how come i never see you on anymore??


you see me nooooooooooooooooooooow!

I was just thinking the same thing!

real big of ya Kasey, get over it!


get rid of anons!!!!


Dude, it's a joke and he knows it!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

BTW, nice of you to be anon.

I am way happy for you dearie! :) I'm sure you're going to have a blast. =)

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