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lots of GUH!

So lets see

1: paid for LJ again...damn thing expired when i went away to London...go figure...gots my glorious icons again

2: guess who starts a new job in like a week and a half...yup i do. photo supervisor at eckerd for a buck more an hour, closer to home too :)

3: im sooo back on a westlife kick...damn seeing them front row...i just cant get them out of my head :p

4: i now have the capability to put movies on my computer/external hard drive....guess who will be ripping DVDs from netflix for a while :p

5: i got paid for an hour of work without working...was hanging with my sister :)

6: getting up at 530 for a 7am shift is nuts...thank god its not for much longer

now i only need a bry icon again

and heres proof of front row :)


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