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lots of GUH!
So lets see

1: paid for LJ again...damn thing expired when i went away to London...go figure...gots my glorious icons again

2: guess who starts a new job in like a week and a half...yup i do. photo supervisor at eckerd for a buck more an hour, closer to home too :)

3: im sooo back on a westlife kick...damn seeing them front row...i just cant get them out of my head :p

4: i now have the capability to put movies on my computer/external hard drive....guess who will be ripping DVDs from netflix for a while :p

5: i got paid for an hour of work without working...was hanging with my sister :)

6: getting up at 530 for a 7am shift is nuts...thank god its not for much longer

now i only need a bry icon again

and heres proof of front row :)

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wow, that's a close one!

so much hotter in person i tell you

(Deleted comment)
all what...1000+ or so of them??


(Deleted comment)
YOU are on a westlife kick?!?

its the only thing i've been playing on my ipod!

damn ya!!

.....wake me up before you go go.....

haha, too late its been stuck in my head for a while...that and My Love LOL

When do i get my medley on DVD?!!!

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