May 31st, 2003



What an eventful day today.

Was up until 5:30 talkin to Dana, and Rick signs on...and he questions whether or not i sleep LOL...well i went to bed at 530...and was woken up at 7:30 by my sister cuz she needed a lift to the train station. so..going on 2 hours sleep...i drove her to the train station, and got home...stayed up and watched TV..and Rick signs on and says Up already =)~...then my sis calls at 930 to pick her up at 10...well i had to go around the block 5 times before she got there...and i was she bought me breakfast...I watched Springer at 11..then took a 4 hour nap (i needed it). Woke up at 4, came online, chatted with Steven bout stuff...feel bad for him...he was rejected from another school (but he will be famous one day, i just know it) then i had to do some errands cuz my aunt is coming by tomorrow. So i helped clean alot today. At 8 i signed into N99 for chat and the dumb thing had like 5 different chats going or somethin cuz no one ever wound up in the chat with people...finally did and stayed til 9...then i went to get ice cream for my fam. came home and ate it and helped clean some more and was in chat for a while...then i cleaned my bunny's cage...then had to vacuum up her food cuz my sis is an idiot. Now i can relax for like 5 minutes b4 something else happens.

Talked with Sarah today...poor her...she has been hospitalized 4 times (at least) with pregnancy problems. I feel so bad..i hope it gets better for her. Next summer if i go to England i must visit her....she is like super cool.
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