April 28th, 2004



After last nite's entry...i depressed myself and curled up in bed. I figured that my life sucked. But now i say screw it...if people don't like me for me, then they can go to hell.

I slept for like hours on end today feeling depressed...I woke up at like 5 and just went Antisocial...no chatting to anyone. but I eventually sucked up my stupidity and IMed people...felt better.

I came back..did a bit of forumming. 8 came and it was American Idol time...OMG did John Stevens butcher Music Of my Heart...he seriously needs to go...Diana was fabulous this week..if shes bottom 3 and john is safe...i ain't watching anymore. One Tree Hill came on...that was a good episode...I have soo liked this show from the start!!!

11..put on Cartoons and EZWhore died...If they delete my account i swear to God someone will pay for it!

About half an hour ago Less Evil of the 3 suitemates tim came out and was bein chummy, hes not a bad guy...just a chain smoker that smells like he doesnt bathe *dies* He decided to smash his printer....rage issues much

Meh...I gotta go to class tomorrow just to go...I also need to talk to my TA about May 12th...i need to either reschedule my final to another day or earlier in the day so that i can go meet up with feenie and go see JC. I heard its a great show to see!

Drooled over Lance some more...god I love the man...i wanna marry him *cheeky grin*

It's my day in a nutshell
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