May 30th, 2004



LOL I love the word convienient to describe my life =p

First thing first...Welcome 3ebmadrigal and hwkeye82 to my FL...3eb is Heather my bestest best friend since i like got AOL and got online...and hwkeye is her friend Jerm who i have seen soo much about but havent heard didly about LOL So Jerm should tell me lots about him

Today All i did was clean and hear arguments...geez my life sooo rules...and tomorrow i get to work on a paper due wed *rolls eyes* But Tomorrow is also Movie marathon Sunday on ABC Family with On The Line (If you diss that movie, you will DIE!!!) (<3 Lance <3) See Jane Date with Charisma Carpenter and Holly Marie Combs, and Celeste in the City With Nicholas Brendan...Sounds fun right LOL

feenie comes back tomorrow from i will be sure to go hang out with her one day :)

I also found out that Tony Lucca is doin like 4 or 5 shows around NY next feenie, diggybear, and mirroredimage and I need to plot things out :)...and Joey in Little shop of horrors....God I am such a groupie now LOL
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