June 8th, 2004


Today's events

Apparently today was exciting *roll eyes*

I woke up at 830 for school, showerred and went to school

English class..I got my paper back and got an A- on the content and a b+ on mechanics...damn comma errors LOL..I also got back other assignments and cheered i did good :)

Hostory class was online today...so of course i went online...DUH!. I went on EZboard to post about Justin and Cameron...and got caught up in everything. Found out my midterm is Thurs/Mon....o this week will be fun.

Came home to run back out and buy my sister's birthday cake...she turned 26 today :) For a birthday gift I bought her cake...but it was special cuz the frosting had Cinderella on it...and she just loves Cinderella...She loved it..

I got a PM from my friend at one of my forums askin why i wasnt active much at his forum, while i was active at another (IGBY) and i told him the truth...I felt he had a right to know that i felt weird being around. He showed me a special thing that he was working on...which is very very creative!

I also picked up my ROTK DVD and i still havent watched it LOL i will worry about it on Friday. Now im watchin Daria and getting tired...LOL I love Daria

I need to work on some Icons for my LJ cuz it is def needed for my journal :)

Now hwkeye82, when will we get together. Hopefully someday soon *makes angelic face*
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