June 9th, 2004


June 8th

YAY 9th post this month..still doin one a day!!

Ok school yesterday...very very boring...I wanna bash my head into a desk rather than hear my teachers talk...I have a midterm paper due tomorrow that is gonna be easy..its like 2 pages :)

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So after that rant..I came home and it was time for Faking the Video...This episode had Michelle Branch on it..so i was watching it and at the end one of the PAs had gotten a call from his family...his dad was in the hospital with Pnemonia and wasnt gonna live..so they sent him home (though he didnt wanna). but he got to share his experience with his dad and is gonna be brought back sometime...Michelle even was sad to hear about it. I felt sooo bad :(

Then i went to bed about midnite...after Family guy...and i missed talkin to 3ebmadgrial and hwkeye82 and hear about the Howie Day concert they went ot in Chicago...or to talk to mattymattymatty to hear about the Bif concert Damn fucking brother

This morning i get up earlier than normal and got all ready and stuff...and I put on the Radio channel on TV (619 on digital cable here is the Hit List Music channel) and listened to it all while i ate and heard Michelle Branch and was like this is an Omen....Every morning i listen to a CD on my way to school..i was gonna listen to Justin's but with Michelle on TV last nite and then her song on the TV his morn i listened to that..and OMG i had to put it back in my rotation...i cant believe i locked it up in my big book :|...And i didnt even listen to my N SYNC CD on the way home...i listened to Michelle and was like super happy. I need to make a burned CD of Michelle, NSYNC, JC and Justin...and of course Makin My Way..cuz it is just a fab song!!

And now I read my friends page..and Trudy went to the hospital *pouts* I hope my Twin is ok
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