June 11th, 2004


Midterm Day

Yup, i took midterms in both my classes today...Boy does my life not hold any interest

Tony Last nite (as you may have seen by the phone posts) was awesome.Met up with diggybear, mirroredimage and one of her friends. The show was amazing..though the slut that i am was staring at Tony's crotch all set..I was so embarassed. Went upto him after the set and he signed my CD and personalized it. I was such the groupie slut i was like I've been a fan of your since MMC, and he blushed. hehe I dont think he expected anyone to bring it up. Mary was trying to get him to Phone Post but he didnt cuz we didnt get good signals.

After Virginia Tang (i think that is her name anyway) performed and stuff, Mary wanted to buy her cds and as we got up there Tony decided he wanted to be on her mailing list and literally signed up before us..I like grabbed the thing and wrote my stuff down, but i got his address...Yes i am a stalker now...and stuff

Then while we were eating dinner, tony left to go to the Path trains, and he waved to us..even though Mary was the only one that noticed him...she told us and as i was turning..he of course was bending over...I almost shoved poor Mary out of her chair to stare LOL

Monday We shall see what my Tony has to say LOL
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