June 14th, 2004


Weekend Grrrr!!!!

I dont know what got into my family this weekend...but they have been extremely bitchy!!!

All they did this weekend was yell and order me around...i need to go far far away from them where i only spend an occasional weekend if that.

I am going to go to Roosevelt Filed mall tomorrow and apply in some stores for a job, and then on the way home apply at some local businesses.

Miami is in a lil over a month...yes i will countdown the days...cuz i wont be home Squeeee

I wanna travel a bit after my graduation...and hopefully move out.. I would be happy anywhere but I think either London or Iowa City

More bitchiness to come cuz of midterm tomorrow

And Love my new Tony icon...its_davy_baby sent it to me...Im gonna see him tomorrow =)
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So i found the lyrics to the song i have been listenin to for a while

Collapse )

God how the song can make you happy yet depressed to be alone *pouts*
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