June 26th, 2004


Up and Down and All Around

Yesterday and Today update

Yesterday!! SQUEEEEEEEE NO MORE PENCILS NO MORE BOOKS NO MORE ENGLISJ TEACHER TO TELL MY I PLAGERIZED COMMON KNOWLEDGE!!! Stupid guy still sat there and said i didnt cite...Whatever..i am still gonna ace the class..and History..Was talkin to mattymattymatty, trudyblue and joshtin_lover02 during the other presenters...then when i got up I gave my little 6 minute speech (was it that long?!) I got an 80 on it and it was a baaaad speech...but whatever..Matty and Trudy kept tellin me i would do fine...and i did. Then class was running a bit late, so the teacher asked anyone who could stay to stay, and i did just cuz i figure i had nothing better to do...I read Determined Southern Boys. Came home and did nothing...YAY me mr exciting *rolls eyes*

Today was my only chance to sleep late for the most of the summer...but do i get to sleep in late..Nooooooo! Fair enough Dad shouldnt have to drive my car to be repaired, so that was ok..I got up, drove it over to get the air bags installed *SQUEEEEEEE* My car is almost back to normal!!! I went back to bed about 830ish or 9. At 1030 someone calls my cell from a weird number so i didnt answer. I called my sister and asked her to come home for lunch so i can borrow her car for the day. then the number called back so i answerred. It was Ass-boy. He lost the keys for work and of course needed me to find them...so i drag myself out of bed cuz it would be better than having him home all day. took me 2 hours to find the damn keys. and he put them in the medicine cabinet *shakes head* and of course..no thank you. then he says he cant find his bank card or an envelope with money in it and asks me to help find that..I said no. Screw that shit. My sis came home and i drove her to work..then i got my hair cut...i did a Justin Timberlake...shaved it all off...it feels weird (even now at like 10 hours later) but I like it..it looks good. My sisters on the other hand, dont liek it but whatev.

I have a camp meeting tomorrow (Sat.) all day and i soooo dont wanna go...who wants to fill in?? SQUEEEE
Now i need to read me more Slash...i read All of Mary's ficlets and loved Southern Hospitality..who wants to enact it with me??? ;) (Look for pimpage tomorrow)
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