July 20th, 2004



OK so apparently i was supposed to be without demon child today, but the office screwed up my attendance thing and he is here this week...i had to yell at the kid like 40 billion times today...why cant the kid grasp a hint?

then i come home and get put to work cleaning still...my bro does a bit of cleaning and he fucking thinks hes the shit telling me to clean up my stuff...well excuse me i didnt tell you to put your shit away...you just shoved it off your bed and threw it all on the floor *fuming mad* he needs to get a clue

Target has nice sheet that i wanna get for our beds but he "doesn't wanna be like twins" and have the 2 beds in the same room match...geez fucking louise...tell him to go fuck a sheep or something.

Work tomorrow and Thurs and then VACATION!!! MIAMI is 2 days away.
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