October 4th, 2004


Really old Quiz thing from musickel77

I'm sorry Kel...i like didnt even notice this...damn AOL and filtering my mail!!

1. What color best suits your peronality and why? It kind of depends on the day, sometimes its Black cuz i am really depressed and feel dark, sometimes white cuz i feel happy and innocent like a little kid...mostly its blue..a nice light blue so show vibrancy

2. What is your favorite childhood memory? The only happy childhood memory i have is my 6th birthday party, just because it was my 6th birthday party...other than that..i dont have many happy ones :\

3. What one item do you consider your be all end all comfort item? The one thing that you can always count on when you need comfort.(can be a thing or a person or a place, whatever) I have a little of everything...My favorite item is a pillow i got from my grandmother's house after she passed away...it was a little pillow for me to use alone..my cat Sugar tended to have a liking to the pillow and normally slept on it, I can't just pick one person for a comfort person cuz all of my friends are with me in the rough times as well as the good times An di love them all for it :) And Place...I keep thinking back to Miami this past summer with Trudy...it was just a great time i ever had...no one to nag, yell or scream at me....peace from my family :)

4. What has been the most important time period in your life so far? I would guess high school...just because i learned that i couldnt rely on my mom for anything and started to become more self reliant...she had a tendency to be non-involved in my life..up until i started hanging out til all hours of the night

5. If you find out somebody is talking about you behind your back do you confront them? If so, how? Yes I would, and have confronted them...I went up to this one asshole who was bad talking me and started bringing up everything people told me he said...after that he didnt say a word about me to anyone and was scared of me *grins big*
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