November 10th, 2004


Really long and prolonged update

OK where to begin this post.

MEN SUCK! between Randy..who is now wanting me cuz he's sexually backed up i guess *rolls eyes* like that will ever happen, or Sean who just started acting like an ass. I dont think i well ever find someone for me, and the hunt is just adding to my misery. Meh, we shall see what happens, maybe i can convince Randy into a relationship first. *shrugs* who knows.

My game started to freak out earlier, probably due to the POS computer i have...had to redo the whole thing like 4 times within the past 2 weeks, but hopefully its all fixed now. the game is runnign better, found it to be a problem with the one lot which is more bothersome than what i thought before.

I wound up getting sick last Tuesday...strep throat...didnt get out of bed except to go to the health center. they put me on meds..which i finish up tomorrow YAY!

My theater teacher is an idiot...she blamed me for a kid getting a charlie horse...yup thats my fault *rolls eyes* but she didnt yell at me today though *squeeeee* makes me giddy..though i wanna slap her silly. I did hang out with one of my friends in my theater class though, helped her study for a test..and im gonna share a ride home with her this weekend, and see the stupid play the school is putting on tomorrow.

this weekend i'm goin to see mirroredimage's play at her school with feenie, joiness and diggybear. Its gonna be a fun weekend and i plan on getting some kind of wasted.

wintumn and i have been talking about me writing a cute christmas slash story :) I hope it works out as good as im planning in my head. I'm also thinking about a new header for the LJ...maybe a Bryan McFadden.

if you still havent signed up, i'm doing a christmas card exchange here

I love the limited Edition Pepsi...its soooo good :) That is all

As far as some people go, i dont know what i do to cause them to hate me, but it happens. Ahhh whatever, i dont give a fuck.
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A quiz that speaks the truth

Boy Next Door - Your ideal guy is the brotherly and
huggable boy next door. He's always around,
knows you better than anyone, and loves to
cuddle. He's not neccessarily attractive to
most, but something about him makes him
charming and adorable in your eyes.
Turn ons: One word - cute. He gets you teddy bears
and kisses your forehead, loves hand holding
and telling you that he loves you.
Turn offs: He'll screw up somewhere down the line
- but we all make mistakes. Forgive him,
because all he can do is learn from it and love
you all the more!

What is your ideal type of guy? (With Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

I just want the boy next that too much to ask for *sigh*
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