December 24th, 2004



I want to thank 3ebmadrigal, holdmesam, picksthemusic, bartinigirl03, feenie, hwkeye82, its_davy_baby, goneplatinum for their wonderful birthday posts to me :) You guys are the best

I also wanna say thank you to wintumn and its_davy_baby for the great texts you sent me...and were soooooo waiting to send it *giggle* and diggybear for the phone call :)
And Davy..All the surprises you gave me *huggles* i love them all!!!

Also a special Birthday Twin wish to holdmesam...Its our day..we should do fun stuff one year

And to everyone on my FL...Have a Merry Christmas! :)
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    Kelly Clarkson "My Grown-up Christmas List"