March 20th, 2005


Day 1 of break

Yup..Break started yesterday

Today, got woken up at 11 to take mom to work, then dad to a baseball show...was out almost all day...very tiring

I saw the Pacifier tonite...OMG hysterical...GO SEE IT!!! NOW!

and yup, as it figures...home not even 24 hours (though its like 33 now) and been in 2 arguments, one with mom and the other with the brother..gee who would have thought that would happen *rolls eyes*

Ive gotten almost all the cds im waiting for...just the ones from trudyblue is left but not guaranteeing they have been sent *giggle*

Monday is the doctor, Tuesday is the Optomotrist
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    Bryan McFadden and Delta Goodrem "Hollow No More"