March 25th, 2005



Don't look at me if you're looking for perfection
Don't look at me I will only let you down
I'll do my best to point you in the right direction
But don't look at me

Yup you heard it right..this is the break from hell

Lets see...ive argued with almost every single person from my family, dad is the only exception just cuz he tries to avoid conflict at all possible places. Got surprised with yet another doctor's appointment which i blew my top off woken up early the past 3 days for no reason.

I've gotten absolutely no privacy in this house and people dont seem to mind butting into my business, but god forbid something i do irks them, i have to hear all about it.

I have tried to keep my sanity by talking to wintumn and i actually called trudyblue to help me calm down...they help alot...but i swear i will need therapy. I can't wait til i move far away and cut contact with my family...and there is more talks of the wedding....its almost like they want me to be driven insane.

Mom asked what i wanted for graduation cuz i started to bitch about my brother having no fucking manners...she thought i wanted a laptop..i told her i want a trip to London and i can get lost and never come home....i dont think she likes when i say that but its the truth.

Tomorrow i go for a blood test to see what the hell is wrong with me...I hope i didnt get mopno from anyone...but i doubt it...could be from the lack of meat i had last month.

Launchcast has made it a point to play slow songs that talk all about love...ya just what i need to hear...lets make tom all depressed and self destructive....why can't i find someone :\

OK..bitching is over...yes this is a 'journal' but all i ever seem to do is rant and rave...and post Slash...go check out my story :)

Have a good friday people :)
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a lets-not-shit-on-Thomas-and-get-him-to-have-a-nervous-breakdown-and-depress-him day

Today was a completely different day in my OMG not one fight in the house...and its actually sitting here without the TV on, writing instead of what i normally do.

Went to bed at like 6 this morning cuz i was talking to musickel77 and trudyblue all night *giggle*

I woke up at like noon, had breakfast bought for me which shoulda clued me in on how the day went...went for my blood test, which was like 15 minutes out of my life...came back..and had pizza for sister came by and creeped me out a bit but i REFUSE to think about that again *shudders at thought*

Me and my sister OnDemand-ed Cellular...which was a GREAT movie..i rec it to everyone..she baked Cookies which i couldnt have due to Lent..but that ends tomorrow nite YAY!! and One Tree Hill Concert tomorrow with diggybear

Brie..I need to talk to you On something about what happened tonite..but nothing bad

I think i should write BryMark while im in this mood
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