April 5th, 2005


TV Meme

a. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch (current or cancelled!)
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each show
c. When guessed correctly, write a sentence about why you like that character

01. One Tree Hill
02. Buffy
03. Angel
04. Kim Possible ~ Ron..seriously..how can you soo not love him for being goofy
05. American Dreams
06. What I Like About You
07. Charmed ~ Piper...YAY shes been my favorite since day one *squee* i love her quips
08. Lost
09. Saved by the Bell ~ Kelly...She was almost like me in high school...very very Perky :)
10. Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Harvey...Dude..Harvey was just awesome...you couldnt do any better
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