April 20th, 2005


I haven't killed myself...yet

So i finished a brand new Chinese History research paper...it isnt as long as its supposed to be, but it isnt bad for 10 hours of work...with quotes and info i got it to be about 6 pages on the Boxer Rebellion. Ya i dont really care anymore..i think its DAMN good considerring. Still recoverring from last nite...i never thought i would actually suffer a nervous breakdown here at school

Tomorrow Nite i'll be on a plane to Pheonix for the wedding...No clue of my reaction to it yet..lets give it til friday...but i will be drinking at the reception...so if i have your number...you may get a call *snicker*...Jeremy and Heather have gotten ones before.

I wonder what things will be like at home...dad isnt happy, mom may get cranky..cuz quite frankly i aint bringing my computer home..she can shove it up her nose. my sisters dont seem to mind much, neither did my Aunt...i got an email back from her and she seemed ok with it.

Other than that...i have nothing new to report in my life...oo except i hate sprint..it deleted my saved voicemails...i have one from Twin and its gone :(

One Tree Hill came back tonite from its Hiatus..and Grrr They had to cliff hang me...BUT YAY i loved it..And American Idol..Anwar and Scott need to go..they murderred my songs *jabs them with sporks*

I dont think there is anything else i did tonite...i guess this may be my last entry til next tuesday, unless i phone entry...and i may take pictures in pheonix...we will see.
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