April 28th, 2005


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Matty (mattymattymatty) has the coolest quizes...

1. Pick five songs (or however many you want *g*) that most people would know.
2. Select lyrics of up to but not surpassing 150 words from each one.
3. Go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr
4. Enter the lyrics thus:

English to German
German to French
French to Portugese
Portugese to English

If make-if-er to declare me ' the period a thing, to place it it the assay that is a celebration, the reason production receives semaille first from the wells me the seed, considers never each color each Kredo to prêcher to inform, in superior part and takes an attention '


Until "me you it is not nothing, but of the only nights nothing, however goodbyes sad, so that awaken it exactamente does not come there my dreams about forms me the only one in the sector falls that nobody ' could not make" nobody ' to the vocês nobody ' to the vocês '


Thus, I say a small conjunct and I wait that my dreams see there still, where the skies are blue, vocês mine that loves take me, that of the too much coast the overseas coast, around of the which loves of place I finds more is, where they are green, vocês they still see, my loves collects.


I understand the Ticken of the synchronization giver that I meet here, the blackness distance of synchronization of the sector surprises me, where it is not this night of reply to the telephone and where the night goes a hope for OH - I in such a way slow that do not certainly only finish


Desire that it on I sing it, in the which living creature, therefore I consider them could that "it has received ' much time the Lickety lip totalities me flippin the" my hat, yeah Nibblin ' my count "I cause a Oooo desire me, Oooo, lived the Oooo that satisfies an one small number a Oooo, of the Oooo, Oooo is me makin ' vocês bother?
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