June 2nd, 2005


new month, new stuff

1. new layout at kingmike1224

2. What a busy week...ya you wish. I havent slept much, been running errands with my dad and stuff. Today i buried my cat Sheba who passed away 2 months ago. tomorrow the plumber is coming to install a new toilet and sink in the bathroom so of course i wont get so sleep in either.

3. my family is still driving me insane, and being very snoopy with what i do...its like they are suspicious of what im doing or something...i can barely get some time to myself...probably one of the reasons i stay up late

4. EZboard got hacked and IGBY got devistated...like the past year has been deleted...its sooo weird

Someone wanna take me and hide me away?

Edit: stupid me and tagging
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