July 7th, 2005


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OK, things need to get into the open now, i did a priovate entry for some people a while back and well i just think that i do need to tell everything as it goes regarding the last 5 months i would say.

As most people know, i have feelings for 2 guys right now. There is Justin and Paul.

Paul i have liked for a solid yr and a half, it came to be at the time that he was dating someone when i first started talking to him, so nothing could ever be done. well he recently broke up with the ex, and we have gotten along pretty well. He recently had a situation and well to say the least it was a bit torterous on the nervous system.

Then there is Justin.. been talking to him a bit and we all know how the whole thing happened with him. I liekd him, he liked me, i wrote the whole post, he went out and i got suicidal.

Personally i have had my share of heart ache, i dont know what to do.

Fam life is kinda getting evil, i do really need to get out of here.
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