July 31st, 2005


Work Update

Well I went to work on Thursday as per schedule and it happened to be his day off. His manager still didnt feel right about having me in the section, so she sent me off to a different department for the day *shrugs* no problem there...

Friday was his first day back, but it was a short day so i skipped work and went to a festival in south Jersey (Toms Riverfest) with 2 of my sisters cuz they wanted to see Keith Urban.

Saturday, i cut work cuz it was the day they were supposed to talk to him...i just didnt want to be there AT ALL.

Today i go into work, and i find out that i wasnt scheduled...figures but i spoke to the store manager and he said they could use me in the store today..and they put me in Womens shoes. no deal there. Well i see him walking by the section, and i quickly duck out of sight. the only sight of him all day...until we close...hes there by the escalator waiting for me..and he doesnt say anything, just gives me NASTY looks (almost like evil eye type) and he does it more than once...now i thought he would be at least decent on the grounds i didnt want anything to happen to him, just wanted to be transferred...but hes making me feel even more uncomfortable now than he was before.
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