September 9th, 2005


*yanks hair out of head*

*bludgeons something to icky pulp* *turns bat on self and just starts beating*

OK, so as the old phrase goes, when it rains it pours....i do believe my little world of suckyness has finally just collapsed all over me. everything...and boy do i mean EVERYTHING is just not what i thought!!!! I just wanna curl into a ball and as the song goes..."Wake me up when September ends" and the month...ya it wont get ANY FUCKING EASIER!!!

So tomorrow im working..and probably with the bitchy old hag manager..and i swear if they try to get me to do christmas again..i will curse the person out and quit, there is NO FUCKING WAY i am touching that shit. ya...i have the day go to mass, a cemetery, a memorial and maybe dinner...and why you may ask?? Well its the 4th anniversary of 9/11 and thats when i lost my i may be emotionally unstable these days...just wait til then..the slightest thing may set me off

the only upbeat to my week...Sims Nightlife and OTH season 2 on DVD comes out on tuesday.
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    Hepburn "I Quit"