September 16th, 2005


meh *shrugs*

I have no idea why, but i havent been myself lately, and i dont really have a clue on earth why

Ive become very antisocial, lately, the only contact being Floity, and occasionally from other people. its like im in this void and i wanna get out and everything but something is stopping me from doing so.

I think ive finally gotten over the heartbreaking hurt...even though i prolly wont get a bf, but i am def over the hurting and pain ive been dealt. (and if anyone says i told you so i am sooo gonna hurt you)..and sadly enough i only got this way by watching OTH...girl got dumped by her love and was as bad as i was...but said she wouldnt trade it for anything.

work is getting more irritating, yet im starting to assert myself more...2 managers came over to be a pain in my ass tonite, and i yelled at them both (and funnier part is one was an assistant store manager)...meh they can fuck themselves..i dont need this shit for 8 bucks an hour.

*shrugs* there really isnt much more to tell...God! i need a life badly!!
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    Ashlee Simpson "Boyfriend"