November 9th, 2005



So thanks to lorency I have 5 wonderful Thunderbird icons =)

its 5 am and its not my normal time thing, as i slept from like 10 to 2, and it wasnt even a great sleep

Sleep hasnt been the most wonderous thing ever, i havent gotten a good nights sleep in god knows how long, and its quite annoying.

im also tired of my situation with Jeremie. i understand that hes super busy and stuff, but i text and get nothing, i saw him online before and got no replies and its getting very tired. We all know though that if he calls ill go out with him again but i do need to talk to him about this. i mean im not smothering him or anything but some form of contact is normal in this isnt it?

Tired from my family, always thinking they know everythign about me and want me to do anything that comes to mind. its like im not a person, but a slave.

Im just tired of it all being such a pain in the ass, when will it ever end
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