November 22nd, 2005


when it rains, it pours

So as if the damn month couldnt get any worse, today happens.

i get woken up by sis who has a flat and needs me to get her to go to the tire place, so i, being the nice brother i am, go to get her

we hang out for a bit at her apartment, and i sign on for a few minutes and what do i see, but Jeremie is on..i im him, no reply...asked him to call me tonite and *shock* no call

well then bro needs my car to get to work cuz his is in the shop, so what happens. as im driving home, i rearend someone *hides from bad luck* wonderful isnt it *waves goodbye to insurance*

come home and i just lost it, the entire month just reeling on me and i broke down and just started crying my eyes out, which i was told i should lay down.

is it possible for me to just never go outside again? just i dont want to leave my house anymore, cuz everytime i do something bad happens!

Oh and ya i looked like kelly in my mood looks like now
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    Westlife "You Raise Me Up"