November 29th, 2005


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First and Foremost...Happy Birthday bartinigirl03

So lets see since i last hasnt been the greatest, but its improving

Work has been surprisingly fun. I have made a couple of friends already, and can't wait to go there daily, though Saturday someone is gonna have to take my picture or something cuz my ass has to be at work at 645am LOL

Black friday, well it was busy, but nothing too extravagant. I expected much worse *shrugs*

Tomorrow and wed i have plans with jeremie..hes been busy with dad, taking the train back and forth about 3 hours, but i think i still need to talk to him about the lack of contact we have with each other, tomorrow nite is also the Bon Jovi concert that i am going to =)

Go me!! YAY ENTRY!

PS> anyone have any thinking of renaming my journal.
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And today is supposed to be a good day...

but it isnt *whaps head into desk*

Started off good enough..had a concert and seeing Jeremie today, what else could be better

Well i get up and like bro starts in on me about my future..nothing too bad but it wasnt a good thing

Then the job calls, the girl i asked to cover for me today didnt im calling random people and got im getting written up for a no show *oh the joy*

during the conversations with other coworkers, jeremie texts and asks if we could cancel tonite cuz hes super tired, and just get together earlier tomorrow..kinda made me sad, but at least it wasnt the whole time gone.

then mom is getting worked up and trying to get me to guilt trip the girl that was supposed to work for me...and it got old very fast.

I swear it cant get worse *knocks on wood*
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