December 2nd, 2005


so today was a good day

Well i woke up at 730 *gag* for work at 930

Got there and it was the slowest thing ever..i size dotted clothes.

manager came over and told me that ya not showing up is bad, but i have pluses and minuses on the record and well im weighing on the good side :) and i still swear he was gay..he was making comments and he followed me a bit.

came home and found out my sis picked up a stray kitten...hes soooo cute, and i downloaded Just the Girl by Click 5, 4ever by the Veronicas and Exit Emergency by Houston Calls (damn muzac from AE)

came online and now Jeremie is on..talked to him, and he says he isnt very chatty, and that hes bogged with work but hes still willing to go out tomorrow if im off, which i hope i am (considerring Sat i have to get up at like 530 to get to work at 645)

Yup def a better day today
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    Houston Calls "Exit Emergency"