December 9th, 2005


ok people breakdown time

Yes we all know Jeremie dumped me by text, well tonite i got a huge flash of well hes a jackass

So whil ei got the text dump, he told me he contemplated suicide, then brought up an ex who had come back into the picture, then says he has no romantic interest in hurt but whatever

Well guess what happens today...this random guy named Adam imed me...and well he asked how i was and i said i wanted to murder someone...he wants to maim someone...well we get to talking as to why...heres what he says

Adam:Meet a guy, he's really great all sorts of wonderful, treats me very well, so we go out for awhile. Two weeks later no returned phone calls, haven't seen or heard from him in weeks. Than he pops back up, saying he met someone can't do monogomy but would still like to date, the whole time he's acting like we're exclusive sending all the wrong signals. After a few weeks of the head games I've just recently washed my hands of all of it.

Sounds sooo familiar right?! well it gets better. i tell him my account...and get this

Adam: ok now I think we are talking about the same person
Adam: because mine has being speaking about suicide as well
ShReD1224: oh
Adam: mind if I ask his name?
ShReD1224: sure
ShReD1224: as long as you spill yours
ShReD1224: Mine is Jeremie
Adam: you got it
Adam: holy shit
Adam: Jeremie
Adam: that's fucking freaky
ShReD1224: yta
ShReD1224: wheres your jeremie live
Adam: New York
Adam: the city
Adam: I'm cetain this is the same person with the spelling
ShReD1224: (local of house)
Adam: (exact address)
ShReD1224: yup

Ya..well i find out that Jeremie, well hes been dating adam and ANOTHER guy while he was dating me. heres fucked up #1

Fucked up #2: remember when i had the Bon Jovi concert and he was too tired to hang out with me...

Adam: I saw him last tuesday night
ShReD1224: when i was at Bon Jovi, when he was too tired to hang out with me
Adam: he slept over my house tuesday night and went out with you on wednesday
Adam: unfucking believable
ShReD1224: he lied to me then
ShReD1224: he said he trained home on tuesday
Adam: not yesterday wednesday you're talking about...last week right?
ShReD1224: ya
Adam: nope he parked his car in front of my house
ShReD1224: did he text message anyone while you were together
Adam: yeah
Adam: and I hated it
ShReD1224: as did i when he did it wednesday

Ya so exciting to read right...can you imagine how i felt at first.
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