December 14th, 2005


life returns :p

Well since i last posted 3 days ago, ive been better

Well ive been talking to Adam and Joe (a guy from spinthebottle) and its going well, but like i said, no pressure on that part.

today just had shit luck...
woke up at 730 cuz dad couldnt get online, and called me to fix it
930 got up to go to the dentist, went had a cleaning and then they fixed a cavity, and i have another i think
got home to find that one of my co workers called and asked that i cover for her cuz she had an issue. well i didnt answer the phone the first time (she had left a message)
i called Joe to see if he was into getting together like we planned, but he didnt answer, and then bro's car is having issues again so he had to use my car, and the co worker got me on the phone. so i told her i would go in for wasnt bad..a 7-12 shift...well that tuerned into 5-12 when i was woken from my nap to go in early...for a boring night

i called joe during break and we talked for a couple of minutes and it was nice...made plans for tomorrow, which is good. i also found a shirt i wanted to get him but the store didnt have it, so i need to find it.

got home and he talked to me for a bit, gave me a survey through myspace, which i did. and now im here and should head to bed in a few minutes. sparklediamant youd love him, he loves rent *giggle*

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P.S. he just added a comment to my Myspace calling me adorable :)

P.P.S. Forgot to add that ive received my beautiful christmas cards from _eyesthatstare, gordonfreeman78, lizzieluvsu, mattymattymatty, aikea_guinea..and its_davy_baby sent me a package and i cant get to the card til christmas.
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