January 29th, 2006


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Im just blah right now

I was supposed to have the weekend off, to enjoy and relax....WRONG! American Eagle has me scheduled 9-3 tomorrow...i dont really care if its theirs or not, im wearing sweats.

i feel like im stuck in a rut and it isnt appealing to me anymore, i get like no time to myself anymore because of CVS working me over...though i am getting the promotion, i still need to put in the hours, which leaves me no me time...damn medical needs.

speaking of, the last time i went to the doc, i got blood taken...and well apparently i have low blood iron she said, but i dont know definites because i havent been to see her cuz i have no medical benefits.who wants to marry me so i have medical benefits *bats eyelashes*
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    High School Musical "When There Was Me And You"